Hope Is All We Have

And sometimes it’s enough. So when I see that the series I still consider the best Sci-Fi ever to show on TV is being prepped for the Big Screen by its creator, JMS, I do hope.

That said, I’ve had this hope before. Several times. Is it going to work better to pitch a reboot? I guess we’ll have to see. Somehow I don’t think WB is going to get any more gung-ho about it this time than they have previously. They never truly supported the franchise in the first place, even when it was the best thing they had.

On the other hand, JMS didn’t have a stable production company then. Is it big enough to manage this? Maybe on the cheap, as the TV series ran. But then, one thing the series proved is that writing and plot trump overpriced models.

Another space opera I’d like to see made is the Honor Harrington series. Supposedly one is in the works. But right now, I’ve only seen the mobile game. Still, Horatio Hornblower IN SPACE. What more do you need?

On another sci-fi related note: I watched Guardians of the Galaxy last night. It wasn’t a Marvel property I knew anything of. Yet coming out, I have to say I found it certifiably epic. The International Lord of Hate, Larry Correia’s review, was that it was like Star Wars, with more Han Solos. I’d say it wins because the emphasis on FUN overrides any worry about plausibility. Still, great flick. And I didn’t think it would be one when I heard about it.

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