Unethical Writers

There may be no original ideas under the sun. But there are certainly unique spins to every idea. And while I believe current copyright laws are a mess and shouldn’t last over a century, I *do* believe that a person has the right to profit from their own work.

Mad Genius Club

I was a little disconcerted Friday morning to walk into my classroom carrying my take-home exam in my hand, as prepared as I could be to take the ACS final that morning, and find the room abuzz with activity. Most, but not all, of the other students were huddled up comparing notes, not on the final, but the take-home exam. Now, the instructions on the front sheet of that exam were explicit. We were not to discuss the exam with anyone other than the professor, nor to use the internet as a resource while taking it. I complied. I was dismayed to see how many of my younger classmates were blatantly disregarding the ‘no discussion’ rule, and I have no reason to doubt they had also been using the internet liberally during their efforts.

What does this have to do with writing? Well, it’s anecdotal to the culture that seems…

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