This is How My Warped Mind Works

So I was reading an article from Moe Lane (who himself was quoting another comment) about how he would like a John Wick 2 (And I concur).

I saw his fantastic suggestion of a single season 13 episode Netflix series set in the Continental Hotel from the original. A swank hotel where all the true assassins meet as a ‘neutral zone’ where the one rule is there’s no murder. So of course, there are attempts routinely, dealt with more professionally than the hitmen. It’s a great concept, with stories on stories to be told.

And there I went: What if I made a supernatural Continental Hotel? Where the Vamps, Fae, and seductive sirens went to conduct their business, swap stories, and take deals. They would never break the sanctity of the Hotel, of course. Even if their people were at war in the world beyond.

Except when they do. Then there would be some righteous enforcement of the Code. The only problem is my Urban Fantasy is still in full masquerade mode. Everyone saying, “What? Magic? No Magic to see here. That was a gas explosion!” I may have to change that. 😛

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