Why Do Villains Listen To Classical Music?

I blame Ace of Spades for linking me to this. And it’s completely true. I would have said ‘culture’ even more than just beauty. But it’s the same constant: The supervillian wishes to destroy everything that’s good, bringing chaos and destruction to the world. Meanwhile he listens to the most well-ordered, meticulous form of music created. The epitome of the best of the culture he seeks to destroy. Desecration is the right word.

Take 2 Films

Bad guys listening to classical music is one of the most used movies tropes ever, and yet it still remains effective. What attracts bad guys to Mozart and Beethoven rather than Pink Floyd and U2? I don’t believe talent is an issue, as all the musicians I’ve just named are talented within their own niche. So there must be a reason why these villains choose to listen to classical over any other genre.

For starters, the stereotypical bad guy is highly educated and came from an upper class background. These class divisions can be traced back through history in the stories people told, in particular fairy tales. In the average fairy tale, like Cinderella for instance, the hero/heroine is usually lower class and works as a domestic, and the villain, the evil stepmother for instance, is usually upper class and habitually condescends to and abuses the hero/heroine.

For a lot…

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