It’s Been A While

Oh, indeed it has. I struggled with my writing for a good month. Distractions at work and in myself left me disinclined to write. I played at changing projects. But I have three years and 5+ books invested in this one. And the time to switch isn’t right after you’ve started the last book. Every time I’d start toying with something else, the run-in for this kept dancing in my head. “But I don’t want to write this now.”

“Too Bad,” came the driver in me, who does 90% of my writing. Ironically enough, it took playing around with my primary distraction, Football Manager, and writing about that in my other blog, to get me at it again. And the response it received encouraged me that yeah, I can do this writer thing when I apply myself.

So this morning, I dusted off my notes, picked up where I left off, and rattled off 3000 words like I had been doing it yesterday. Then I wrote another 1200 on the other blog for good measure. And honestly, I think it helps to have the other outlet. That all I do isn’t invested in my Magic-infested Punic Wars gone mad monstrosity. But more, going over it again yesterday made me realize, it’s goodish. Hard in places, because epic fantasy goes places shorter, more episodic prose can’t. Unless it’s Grimdark, then that’s all it knows. But there’s hope, love, honor, and faith to be seen in it too. And unlike certain HBO promoted series that never get finished, I might actually reward my characters for that from time to time. 😛

Ideas have never been a problem for me. It’s always the doubt monster, telling me that what I’m currently working on is carp. That’s why I was always pretty serious about the 2000X5 rule. If I churned out 10,000 words a week, chances were good I could get too far into a book before the Doubt Monster could get at me.

So to keep myself accountable, I’m getting this blog moving again too. Even if it’s just status updates. If you don’t see anything here for a week, drop me a line and tell me to get writing. 😛 If you do, and it says I’m doubting, then kick my butt some more. If things are going well, you don’t have to say anything. 😉

But for now, hashtag me #amwriting.

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