Musings From The Distracted Writer

What does the other side think? Is sports fiction a viable writing arc?


I told my wife, who has endured my passions for both writing and gaming for 18 years, about the mention on The Deep Lying Podcast last night. And she laughed, saying I should write a sports novel. I seized the opportunity to campaign for a new laptop (as mine creaks and moans when it tries to run in 3D),  and FM17 on release day.

But as I returned, to find my Benfica manager turned down in his pursuit of the FC Barcelona position by Herr Scratch n’ Sniff, I thought about it. Why do we see movies about sports with regularity. Even the occasional TV series. But rarely books. And never aimed at adults. It certainly isn’t because adults lose their passion for sports, the filled stadia and all of us playing FM, and the EA sports conglomerate put the lie to that.

This article from the Atlantic, contends it’s that…

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