Time is a Gypsy Caravan

Steals away in the night. To leave you stranded in dreamland. Distance is a long range filter. Memory a flickering light left behind in the heartland.–

Thus spake the Professor. Neil Peart, aka the Jimi Hendrix of Drums. And I’m feeling those words this week. The nature of life is that the things we value rarely are allowed to leave us in the manner we wish. Happy endings are for stories and dreams. Life can only give us good chapters. If we do not sully memories ourselves, human nature ensures small, petty people will do the same. All we can do is turn back from the bitter end and look to the parts that warm our heart. And hope that those things are enough.

So I give you the greatest Power Trio of all time, Rush:

The Clear-Channeling of Radio

Has resulted in this: http://flashbak.com/40-songs-ruined-by-american-classic-rock-radio-28179/

I have to admit, that list makes me glad for Pandora and Spotify. I can agree with most songs on there, and probably add a few more. Even a diehard Rush-geek like myself can say there are a few dozen songs from the Master Power Trio I would want to hear more often to bring “Tom Sawyer” into a moderation allowing all people to appreciate its magnificence. Ditto “Back in Black,” really why not “Flick of the Switch” or “Ride On”?

Variety? Spice of Life? Not on Classic Rock Radio stations.