Two Days Without Internet?!


How did I survive?

It was difficult, truth be told. The phone’s data plan is somewhat plundered at the moment. But thankfully, Steam lets me do stuff in offline mode. If Football Manager had been on Origen, there might have been blood.

And I return to the net to get sucked into an argument I don’t need, about a topic people don’t want to understand my thoughts on, with people who end up resorting to personal attacks. Oh well, Social Justice Warriors will always demonstrate the lie beneath their claimed title.

Editing Project Finished.

My initial foray into the world of professional editing is complete. The last I *heard* the author was happy. But that was before I sent the final chapters on last night. *ducks under desk* You never can tell when you’re swinging that red pen around.

Now I need to get back to editing my OWN work. I’m going to make a final pass at The Iron Conqueror before I sit down and format it for publication. Then I should start having some official looking announcements and maybe even an Amazon page. *gasp* We shall see. I have one other work that will be ready when it gets a reverse cover image and blurb. I made the final run at that a while back. But I’ve wanted the Steampunk to me the lead all along, because I think it’s more market-friendly than my Historical Fantasy.

At any rate, that’s a project I get to strike off my to-do list. I haven’t had as much success with that lately as I’d hoped. Of course, when my current project is a 5 book epic fantasy, it takes a bit longer to get through than some of the other material. ;) I need to do some book reviews when I have more time as well. I’ve read a few since my last review post. Some one item onto the list to replace the one that came off.

I Was Born in Minnesota

and though I left a LONG time ago, and will remain a fan of Sporting KC in MLS, I’m still happy to see this news today. Because way back when I lived in the state, I was one of those people kicking a round ball when no one else thought it was a sport.

This will be one game I will want to watch live when Minnesota United FC joins the League in 2018. Great job.

Oh the whining and whinging – repost and update


I’ve never wanted to spend the money on KU as a reader. Perhaps that will change in the future. After all, it’s the same as buying 1 book a month, which I really do. But I don’t read books that fast on Kindle presently.

As an author, I haven’t made up my mind which way to go yet. It does mean going exclusively Amazon. Of course, Amazon is 90% of the Indie Sales market. So that’s not as big a deal as it used to be. But I have heard of people who make Smashwords work still. Since most of what I write is Fantasy and Steampunk, that also plays in.

Market research, I need to sit down for a week sometime soonish and see how fantasy sales are falling out.

Originally posted on madgeniusclub:

(Apologies first for doing a repost and brief update. I have to leave the house shortly to take my mother to a doctor’s appointment that will last all morning and possibly part of the afternoon. It is one of those marathon testings that will, hopefully, finally give us at least some insight into what’s been going on with her the last few months. It’s nothing serious and is only intermittent but she has no warning before an episode happens and, once it does, she is wiped out for a good 24 hours after. So, I hope you understand that my mind is elsewhere today. As for the update, I will post that at the end of the original article. Until later!)

I do so love how some folks have to hunt to find some sliver of something that might, in some faraway galaxy, be construed as ill-will by Amazon. Once…

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In Which The Evil League of Evil

Once Again Demonstrates it Knows More About Sci-Fi than The Grauniad. Well-played, Mr. Knighton.

Folks, just because you decided to sit down and read the synopses of a dozen movies, does NOT make you the expert on said movies. I’m not as big a fan of some Dystopian Fiction as our Fisker is. I think Divergent is rather poorly done (with flat-out terrible science in the succeeding installments). And I would say that Mockingjay is a desperate attempt to retrieve a Leftist vision from what was (intentionally or not) an anti-Big Government story. With the result that honestly, the third book falls flat, IMHO. It also doesn’t help that Katniss goes from central player to ‘hardly a participant.’ It may be more realistic, but it’s not interesting reading to have everything go on off-stage.

But I do love Blade Runner and would play Shadowrun in about as much time as it would take to grab my books and dice. So I can’t say I hate it, either. Indeed, a number of my stories are post-apocalyptic. Though one is already in the rebirth of civilization. Another is…well, the Guardian would hate it: It’s Weird Western, so it’s post-nuclear/magical apocalyptic Dystopian AND lone gunslinger. But yeah, it has action. ;) And my Urban Fantasy isn’t post-apoc yet. But if I ever write it far enough, I’ll get there, Kate Daniels style.

The bottom line as to why Dystopias are fun to write is, as Knighton says, it makes the commonplace interesting to write about. “Just another day in the office” is boring as probing for earwax. “Everyday is a struggle for survival” is inherently more interesting. That’s also why The Walking Dead despite its characters being Too Dumb To Live, is better television than 95% of the dross on the little screen. We’re convinced anything can happen. Anything can go wrong. It’s the NASCAR principle brought to scripted TV “Come for the car-crashes, stay for the concessions.”

An Exceptional Article On Comic Fiction

One that can be expanded to fiction in general:

One of the reasons I truly despise the discussions of ‘outfits’ in fiction is that they forget that speculative fiction is meant to be idealized. “Realism” is, quite frankly, what most of our audience is trying to get AWAY from. Now, in a movie setting, I understand more of it. Because they are real people having to look like they can do real things. The fantastic elements also end up toned down as a result. But even then, I’ve said before: It made sense in the Batman movies. Because he’s clearly a ‘normal’ person going against ‘normal’ enemies. His superpower is being all-prepared with Bruce Wayne’s almost infinite resources. This did not carry over well to Man of Steel, as Superman is quite clearly other than human.

But this has, in some sense, what has always been the problem with Superman in all his incarnations. The greatest threat Superman ever faces is himself. His rogues’ gallery is weak. And the only way to threaten him is to find unobtainium. I also laugh at the ‘realistic’ Wonder Woman suit. As Larsen’s counter makes clear, her attire clearly recalls her origin story. And it is not her outfit that makes her look ‘weak.’ I laugh at how the movie costume is running away from her iconic look as fast as it can, and the critics STILL body shame her.

With a certain segment of the population, there will *always* be body shaming, unless no one beautiful is seen in public. I would never Suggest Just Who that might be, however.

And Now For Something Completely Different

If you’ve followed this blog for a time, you’ve noted my forays into discussions of the global football variety. You also are aware that I am something of a gamer. It should not surprise then, that my interests converge with the infamous Football Manager franchise from Sports Interactive. The other day, I started a game on the handheld version, as Jan Kunzer (the last name of my character from my Aurori series). Starting as German and unemployed, I took a job with the former East German 3. Bundesliga side Rot-Weiss Erfurt:

The season had already started, with 1 loss. The wage bill was so high I had to shift all my transfer funds to cover it (barely). Two of my best players were injured. Oh…and literally days after I took the job, I got a message saying a ‘Surprise tax bill came due.’ And the finances instantly went from OK to “Insecure.” Talk about realism. I guess technically the chairman could fire me, because he swore me to secrecy. Then of course, since I had no money, I had to sell 2 of my best players to keep under the wage bill when December came around. Ahh. I hadn’t had a game like that since the old days of Champ Manager 97/98 Lower League Management.

Writing wise, I’m still plugging away. I did some work this week on the business side of things as well. I’ve also taken on some editing work, for a little extra something. But seeing as I have six pages of notes waiting to be typed still, I better get cracking and resist the urge of one…more…game. ;)

Just What the World Needs

More vague language about “just and reasonable” decision-making from a government regulatory agency.

And here, you thought Net Neutrality was just about making sure someone didn’t throttle speeds. Silly rabbit, tricks are for lawyers. *EVERY* ISP innovation is now subject to Government approval. The FCC has just made itself the FDA of the Internet, and no one voted to allow them to do it.

Buy hey, a Bit is a Bit, right? You get to wait three times as long for internet speeds to improve because you didn’t want a private company negotiating privately with Netflix. Yeah, this is soooo much better. Throttle ALL speeds instead.

Just a reminder: