FIFA charged with corruption?

Why this is my shocked face. See, completely shocked. Absolutely stunned, I tell you!

Really, the real question is: How did they not find proof Sepp Blatter, the King of Corruptocrats, was colluding in this? It almost makes you think he knew the writing was on the wall, and turned everyone else in to save himself.

Simon Pegg befouls his nest

Love his movies and wit. Also amusing what he says here given he has co-writing credits in the next Star Trek movie.

My own thoughts? Weeeeelllll… first of all, whenever someone says, “Movies used to be about (x),” I get amused. Yes, there were “important” movies in the old days. There were also pure camp films (Flash Gordon in all its iterations). And sorry Simon, but parents always took at least guilty pleasure in these. Nor is it correct to say there aren’t ‘important’ movies today. For Hollywood’s given definitions of important. They don’t do as well because the would-be ruling class of the entertainment industry has discovered that forcefeeding its agenda to the ‘masses’ that disagree with them results in dangerously low profits. That’s another reason we get these cycles of reboots and comic properties: They’re among the few things that are *safe* for studios to make.

Given the cost of making major motion pictures, as opposed to say, printing an e-book, it’s safe to assume ‘independent’ films will remain as committed to Hollywood’s ideas of importance as it has. There’s simply no plausible alternative until the cost of putting flicks on screens comes down. But, I think it’s fair to say given the dichotomy between the purveyors of dreck and the audience, you are going to continue to see ‘safe’ choices in movie making for the foreseeable future.

Sorry Simon. Guess I’ll see you and the gang in another spoof. ;)

Any Writer Who Does Not Value Free Speech

is an unthinking puppet. This should be axiomatic. Regardless of your political sensitivities elsewhere, a writer is an artist. One who expresses ideas in words. One who thus lives by the necessity of free speech. If not that, then your art becomes propaganda, directed by the imperative of the State, your Class, or whatever other unthinking assumptions you are not allowed to articulate or question.

So whenever I hear people who make their living with WORDS, SPEAKING, blabber about, “Of course you have free speech, but…” I say they are self-deluding fools aiming the gun of censorship at their own head. Joss Whedon has learned this the hard way this week. And as much as I’m bemused at the REASON for his exile from the herd–what, he dared to make a cliche HUMAN, how dare he!–I have little pity for a man who attacked his own audience in the Social Media Shaming circus during #Gamersgate, and will assuredly do so again to regain his status in the Social Justice Herd. As an artist, he should KNOW better. Censorship and shaming, once employed, spread like napalm. Friendly fire is inevitable.

I am no friend of Pam Gellar, her attacks on people I *do* respect annoyed me. That said, she has absolute protection of Free Speech. Folks, we do not get to choose which speech we protect with the First Amendment and which is ‘personal’ to be shamed. To do this is to deny freedom, enable tyrants, and destroy our OWN calling to art. We support free speech against would-be murderers, whether the leftists of Charlie Hedbo, or Pam Gellar (and do note, they make no nice distinctions about OUR ideological spheres. They would kill left and right alike.) Or you side with the murderers and tyrants in returning our world to a Fifth Century Theocratic system. Personally, I would think the one thing everyone making their living with words would agree on is NOT wanting to side with the murderers who would put us all out of work. Self-preservation and all. Apparently, the Social Justice Herd doesn’t think through consequences that clearly.

Free Speech is an absolute, unalterable right. Or it does not exist at all. Every link of censorship forges our own chains.

A good article on Joss Whedon’s public flogging

from the ever-astute John C. Wright.

I will rebut one issue in the comments. People like giving Joss Whedon credit for writing Mal Reynolds, a shining light of libertarian sci-fi. This is not actually true. The primary writer was Tim Minear, and Joss gets a lot of credit for Tim’s sympathies, which permeate the show.

Joss’ personal sympathies were with the Alliance, or would have been, if not for the drama being with the characters. So crediting a self-avowed New Deal Democrat for that is somewhat less than accurate.

I, being a Brownshirt, identify with the underdogs. Besides, Nathan Fillion is awesome.

Time for a SHAMEFUL Admission

My real-life work’s been crazy the last few weeks, and it’s really crimped my writing. As in, left me too drained most days to look at my notes, which I don’t have nearly as many of, since I haven’t had time to think about it during the times I normally do. I’m going to sit down this weekend and rework my writing schedule to match what my new realities at work and home.

I don’t believe in writer’s block. I firmly believe that writers write, even when “We don’t feel like it.” On the other hand, I’m a fairly schedule-driven person. And when my schedule gets disrupted on a routine basis, I start making white knuckles around my coffee cup. That leads to having precisely 1 page of notes in the last week, and a whole lot of time hiding from Scrivener in Football Manager 15–but hey, I’m running away with the Serie A title!

Erm…no excuse, Mr Cole. Time to come out and write. Besides, this isn’t the first time I’ve had my schedule changed since I picked up the penname. I’ll get it sorted. Or this will stay up here taunting me. :P

Do Yourself a Favor

Read these articles. IMHO, Winston Spencer Churchill was the greatest man of the 20th century. And his biography makes any life richer. But the lessons from it are all the better. BECOME the person you wish to be. None of us are born that person whole cloth like Athena. Rather, like Michelangelo’s David, we are revealed as such in steps and stages. It is a lifelong journey. And it is only failed if one lives the cowardly, craven life of the perpetually adolescent. Those who neither dream of success, plan to make it happen, nor take responsibility for their failures and family.

h/t Ace of Spades

Tribalism is as tribalism does


Well stated, and very true. And the bad part is, not all tribalism is bad. It stems from a very deep part of our psyche that recognizes that sometimes, ‘the other’ is very much out to get us. And if we aren’t on our guard, they’re likely to punish our lax attentiveness.

That said, we jump far too easily in fandom into these camps of ‘extreme otherness.’ Where our disagreements over politics (ideological and personal) become reasons to doubt the intent of others, and pile all sorts of vitriol upon them.

I can remember when all of us dreamed of having a BIG sci-fi/fantasy tent. Well, here we go. Can we check ideology at the door enough to keep it a big tent? I would like to think so. Note, I’m not saying don’t read or write anything ideological. I’m just saying I would love it if we didn’t go down the road of so-called ‘lit-fic’ which has become nothing BUT ideological shilling at the expense of all pretense of story. Because the tent will get very small then. No matter ‘whose’ ideology wins the shouting war.

Originally posted on Brad R. Torgersen:

I told George R. R. Martin I’d be writing this post — as a result of some of the polite dialogue we had at his LiveJournal page. His basic question to me was, “How can you, as a guy in an interracial marriage, put up with some of the racist and sexist stuff (a certain person) writes on his blog?” I thought this a valid question. How indeed? I didn’t have the space on LiveJournal to unpack all of my thoughts and feelings on the dread ism topic, so I thought I would do it here.

When I was a teenager, concepts like racism and sexism seemed easy to understand. People who are sexist, think the opposite gender are inferior human beings. People who are racist, think people of opposite ethnicities are inferior human beings. Both concepts are morally wrong. What seemed obvious, was obvious. I’d had this idea spoon-fed…

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Hey Remember That Net Neutrality You Said Was So Awesome?

Did you know you’re now eligible to be TAXED on your BROADBAND SERVICE? Congratulations!

Wow! Isn’t that what you wanted? So not only do you not have the right to see new innovation without FCC approval. Not only are ALL internet speeds throttled to whatever the FCC decides will be the highest rate ‘everyone’ can receive, because there are no permissible ‘fast lanes’ anymore. BUT, you get to pay a TAX to receive the very same service you already received, because the Federal Government had so much involvement in the creation of it.

Now, you may ask what did they do? Shut up Rube. Yep. This is the Federal Government, taking credit for private innovation and then taxing it until it cannot move. Reagan’s old punch line can now be invoked: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. If it stops moving, subsidize it.

I suspect it will be some time before the latter part comes into play. But that is, of course, the part of the equation that Google and the Crony Socialist Corporations were counting on when they supported this assault on our freedom of information.

Once again, I present to you the reality of Net Neutrality:×308.jpg