Decisions, decisions . . .

These are thoughts going through my mind as I try to decide how I’m going to enter the Indie Market. Right now, I don’t see a huge incentive to go anywhere but Amazon and KDP. On the Other Hand, sooner or later, someone will figure out how to compete with them. And if I’m locked into one company and ‘comfortable,’ that might make for a dangerous situation down the road.

Mad Genius Club’s decision to launch Kindle Unlimited (KU), a subscription book-borrowing service, is still shaking out: but already, based on my own sales and loan figures for the month of July 2014, I can see it’s likely to have a significant impact on independent authors.

I currently have only one book, ‘War to the Knife’ (‘WttK’), in the KDP Select program (from which KU books are drawn). I withdrew the rest from the program a couple of months ago in order to make them available through other vendors and in other formats. Nevertheless, in the couple of weeks that KU was available during July, there were almost 300 ‘borrows’ of WttK – vastly more than usual under the previous Kindle Owners Lending Library (KOLL) program, which continues alongside KU. Furthermore, the fact that a KU ‘borrow’ is counted as a ‘sale’ for book ranking purposes in the Kindle Store…

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