Really, This is Starting to Get Old

Really, This is Starting to Get Old

OK folks. My cards on the table, I thought Nolan’s Batman Trilogy was as good as any three films in modern cinema history. Better than Star Wars, probably as good as The Lord of the Rings. Better than The Godfather. The 1st and third on that list because in both cases, the final installment weakened the whole. Star Wars dies for me with the appearance of the Ewoks, and Godfather Part III is a collection of iconic moments. Not a great movie with iconic moments in it. Even LOTR struggles with moments in The Two Towers (Elves in Helm’s Deep? Theoden SHOULDN’T have gone to Helm’s Deep? The hobbits in Osgiliath? Really)

The Dark Knight Trilogy has no killer flaw. Not that every moment is perfect, but it is not betrayed by them. It’s a great movie series, where each part is excellent and combines to make a better whole.

BUT, it’s done. And you can’t expect a new Batman to inherit the mantle of Bale’s Batman just because Nolan is in the project’s background. And let’s be honest, the ‘gritty’ Superman hasn’t sold anyone yet. Moreover, THIS Superman and Batman don’t know each other. So why should they fight? Or frankly why should they care about each other? Superman has no history, and they’re going to have to reboot Batman’s as well.

The iconic moments work because of the tension that’s built up to arrive at them. And as this article illustrates well, if you don’t have the build-up, you can’t buy into the payoff.

So all this talk about “Yay! Batman in Man of Steel 2?!” Has me responding with a shrug and ‘meh.’ Make a storyline. Prove this ‘gritty’ Superman actually has value on his own first. And develop a plotline that shows us why Batman has to come out of retirement while you’re at it.

It’s like Warner Brothers is careening from one past DC moment to the next. But they haven’t EARNED any of those. Come back when you have.

3 thoughts on “Really, This is Starting to Get Old

  1. The third Batman was one of those rare movies that left me not wanting any more. Not because it was bad – just the opposite. I found the ending extremely satisfying with just the right amount of insight into where the mythology could go – a rare accomplishment in story telling that left me thinking of it long after the final credits. From what I read on the link you provided, the additional content will only detract, not add, to what was a marvelous trilogy. It’s like that last extra brush stroke that ruins the entire painting.

    Ewoks. You know, they just might have been interesting had they been portrayed as evil. Adorable little balls of fluff working undercover to bring down the Republic. Talk about missed opportunities.

    • Ewoks, lovely little ball of fluff…that happen to eat sentients. Ooops.

      And I agree about the ending of the third movie. I’ve no problem with them starting a new Batman series. If it goes in its own direction and doesn’t mine the same material. Comic writers do it all the time.Tweak the beginning, make a new continuity. That’s fine. But this feels like a cheat to me. They want the payoffs, without doing the work.

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