Because Everyone’s Talking About It

And it would be irresponsible for me not to talk about the biggest news in the Entertainment Industry.  Pull up a chair and let’s talk about Ben Affleck donning the cowl.

I could go with Larry Correia’s mic-drop worthy Tweet: “Hey, you know who would make a great Batman? That guy who killed the Tom Clancy movies!”

On the Other Hand, for the sake of Devil’s Advocate, there have been a couple good defenses of the choice: is one.

Let me say this: I saw The Town, and liked Affleck in the movie. Similarly Argo. He’s developed as an actor, and has range. And yes, he can do somewhat dark and brooding. He might even be able to do a decent Daredevil now. My problem with this is not that it’s him.

It’s that it’s all too very soon. We’ve seen one dose of Harry Cavill as Superman, and so far the best anyone can say is, “We’ll see.” It did OK. It wasn’t a winner. As I said here: the entire idea is too soon. There’s no reason to believe in THIS Superman yet. He doesn’t have his own place on the block to take away from him. How can you possibly think this is a Frank Miller confrontation-worthy moment.

Maybe if Christian Bale had agreed to return, as was rumored, then you might have a Batman who can bring Superman up to his heroic stature (as the 5 reasons article suggests). Or alternately, if we’d seen Affleck play the Dark Knight effectively on his own. As I said, I could be persuaded. He has the physical presence, persona, and chops. In that, I’m in agreement with the defenders. As funny as Larry’s quote is, this isn’t the Affleck who was a walking punchline.

But in order for me to buy the premise, they need to be built up to that point. I don’t give Affleck the history of Bale’s Batman just because he’s the next guy to don the cowl. I don’t believe he can just step on the screen and make me believe he’s Bruce Wayne, back from Florence with Selena Kyle. He needs his own identity as Batman/Bruce Wayne. And that to me, has to happen before a confrontation with Clark Kent.

So I stand by what I said before: It’s all too early in their relationship for Batman and Superman to become best frenemies. I’m not ready to say it’s a disaster. But I’m not optimistic.

Though I have to admit, I wasn’t optimistic about Heath Ledger as The Joker either. No, this is not the same. But I’ve been wrong before.

2 thoughts on “Because Everyone’s Talking About It

  1. This is a great perspective! I like Ben Affleck as an actor; I just think he’ll bring an aspect to Batman that we’re not familiar with yet, and that might make a lot of people angry. And with a reboot Batman, it is definitely way too early for a team-up. I’m worried that it will make Batman seem like more of a supporting character than anything else.

    • I think a lot of the nerd-ragers are remembering Gigli/Bennifer and that chapter in his life. But really, he’s been a quality actor & director ever since his marriage. It’s all Sydney Bristow’s fault. 😉

      But that still doesn’t mean I think he inherits the wealth of Bale’s Batman just because he’s the next to wear the cowl. Especially since I’m in the ‘not sold’ camp with Cavill as Superman. io9 was right to call it premature nerdgasm. 😛

      Thanks for commenting!

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