Here There Be Dragons

Ok. Not here, on my blog. That would be silly. But in Book 5 of the Epic Fantasy? Oh yes. From the 1st chapter. One of the things I had to deal with when I finished Book 4 was that since the villains unleashed the winged wyrms from their underground prisons, how would our heroes deal with something that could attack anywhere, and ruled the sky, where humans could not go.  Plus I started another messy civil war. Finishing that off-screen would be dubious.

So yeah. That was the outline that took 40mins to write for as many chapters (added a few since, lol). As for how the dragons get fought? What, you think I’m telling here? Inspiration from Greek Myth, that’s all I’ll say. Which, given the Hellenistic inspiration for the story and era, makes sense.

Now for something completely different: The US loss to Mexico the other night…. 😦 Gutted. I don’t agree with Landon Donovan, whose obvious personal animus is getting far too old. But the seat under Klinsmann should be blazing hot right now. To be fair, it’s not the first time it’s been that way for him. At least Sporting KC can win trophies.

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