The Good, The Bad, and the Catastrophic

First the Good, I’ve officially been in full writing mode again. An 18,000 word in 7 day stretch that officially flushed the Doubt Monster and saw me finish up Book 4 of my planned 5 book Epic Fantasy series. I was even motivated enough with it again to charge straight into book 5…

Except Bad: When I looked at the ending of Book 4 that I wrote, even though I think it’s awesome, I saw that I had just written something that needed another book to get to the planned finale. No time line issues or anything like that. It’s just there would be a lot of things ‘explained’ going into the last book that would’ve been better played out. One of the things that annoyed me about the otherwise excellent David Gemmell Trojan War reimagination was how the war started, and then magically we jump over 10 years of fighting (which wasn’t all siege) to get to the end. I didn’t want readers to feel the same way with this. Not after four books. That it took me less than an hour to write the 40 chapter outline only convinced me that my 5 book series needs to be 6. lol

The Catastrophic: I was writing with my fountain pen today, when pop. I unscrew the pen and inspect it, and it looks ok. Until I put the cap back on. Next time I pick it up, and the body is cock-eye. I think it might be a trick of the light, and an hour later, I take another look. Nope. Clearly bent. So I unscrew it to look for the crack, and snap. Breaks right below the retaining ring. So much for the fountain pen. Sadness.

Let’s just hope that doesn’t put the brakes on my good writing spell. I was actually rethinking not doing NaNo this year.

6 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad, and the Catastrophic

  1. Nano it, mate. Nano it.
    I certainly do not object to more of your writing. The more books, the better. Naturally.
    What sort of fountain pen was it? I can point you toward a brand of EXTREMELY cheap pens that you might consider for a temporary replacement.

    • It was my Aurora Ipsilon. I’ve been looking at a Lamy Safari. But for the time being, I’m slumming with a Signo 207. Actually, I like those for ‘normal’ pens. And I can actually find refills for them, unlike Inkstreams, which are always sunk cost. G2 is ok as a work pen, and they’re the only pen I can find refills for reliably at Wally World. But I completely lack creative energy when I hold one.

      • Eh. As far as ‘normal’ pens go, Signo is one of the better ones. Although, I’ve discovered that something strange about the ink prevents it from bonding with Moleskine pages, and it smears. Oddly enough, I can only use a plain-old biro in my Moleskines.
        I’ve taken to using a Baoer 388 in situations where I don’t want to carry my Cross Century II. The Baoer actually writes -exceptionally- well, not even taking into account that I only paid two bucks for it. I purchase about five a year and distribute them to literarily-minded students.

      • Just read the reviews on the Baoer on the Fountain Pen Network. That might be an option. I don’t have huge hands, so the only complaint I’ve seen on it doesn’t apply to me.

        Thanks for the rec!

      • I don’t know that it’s actively managed anymore. I submitted an application to join, and never received acceptance or ability to post. But it’s still a good resource for reviews on pen & ink.

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