Oooh, more advice

Advice from literature snobs invariably involves how *not* to make money through writing. If it wasn’t for the fact CHORFS grow in University ‘Humanities’ Departments, where disdain for profit is assumed, one might think they garner their admiration of Collectivism through their complete inability to make a living by writing.

Mad Genius Club

First off, sorry for the delay posting. The last few weeks have been interesting in the proverbial sense and it all culminated with me being up all night writing, something I haven’t done in a very long time. There simply isn’t enough coffee anymore to help this battered body of mine continue going after no sleep for more than 36 hours. So, a nap and shower was needed before I could make any sense this morning. The good news is that I finished Nocturnal Challenge. It now gets to sit on the back burner for a few weeks. Then I will go back and do the final edits before releasing it into the wild. The better news is that it means I can finally get back to work on Honor from Ashes.

And that leads us into the basis for this post.

Yesterday, on one of my few forays onto…

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