Two Days Without Internet?!


How did I survive?

It was difficult, truth be told. The phone’s data plan is somewhat plundered at the moment. But thankfully, Steam lets me do stuff in offline mode. If Football Manager had been on Origen, there might have been blood.

And I return to the net to get sucked into an argument I don’t need, about a topic people don’t want to understand my thoughts on, with people who end up resorting to personal attacks. Oh well, Social Justice Warriors will always demonstrate the lie beneath their claimed title.

I Should Be Writing

Well, yes, I really should be.

It’s been a rough few months on that front. Got sick twice, lost interest in my current project. But couldn’t find something to replace it with. Now I’m looking at it with good eyes again. But as soon as I did, yeah. Sick a third time. I do not fall ill that often.

To be fair, there was also a high gamelock threshold in there over the holidays. Finally played Mass Effect through, beginning to end. I enjoyed it, until the end. Which I modded. 😛

I also picked up the expansion pack to X-COM. Love it. But I think the new cutscenes are more graphically demanding than the originals were. Very odd that they would up graphics requirements for the same game. Still, more Alien blasting fun is nice. Makes me wonder if I should write some military sci-fi sometime. 😉

Anyway, lest I get lost in distractions again, I need to get back to writing. But I needed to look at this. Just to remind me it still exists, if nothing else.