Am I The Only One Who Thinks

that there are a spate of authors whose works are TRYING to suck the fun OUT of Steampunk?

Books where everything Steam or Airship related is EVIL. Where the main characters are too busy with their angst to have an adventure. Where the wonder of invention and the Future That Never Was is turned into a joyless recreation of their assumption of the Industrial Revolution.

I met Steampunk through the Difference Engine, The Anubis Gates, The Peshawar Lancers, and The Parasol Protectorate. They made me want to write steampunk adventures as well. Sure, there’s a lot wrong with the world, Otherwise what wrongs would our heroes right? But they didn’t get burdened with soul-sucking angst or hate every contraption invented.

It’s almost as if a certain segment of the writing community is afraid that someone, somewhere, is reading purely for fun and Escapist entertainment, and they have to be converted to reading ideological treatises masquerading as fiction. The problem is, Steampunk exists on the Rule of Cool. There is nothing cool, or fun, or interesting, about political narrative overriding fictional narrative. It isn’t enough they are destroying classic Sci-Fi, now they must branch out and neuter every other subset of Speculative Fiction as well.

If you’re asking what books I’m aiming at, well why would I be so mean as to link to them?