I Should Be Writing

Well, yes, I really should be.

It’s been a rough few months on that front. Got sick twice, lost interest in my current project. But couldn’t find something to replace it with. Now I’m looking at it with good eyes again. But as soon as I did, yeah. Sick a third time. I do not fall ill that often.

To be fair, there was also a high gamelock threshold in there over the holidays. Finally played Mass Effect through, beginning to end. I enjoyed it, until the end. Which I modded. 😛

I also picked up the expansion pack to X-COM. Love it. But I think the new cutscenes are more graphically demanding than the originals were. Very odd that they would up graphics requirements for the same game. Still, more Alien blasting fun is nice. Makes me wonder if I should write some military sci-fi sometime. 😉

Anyway, lest I get lost in distractions again, I need to get back to writing. But I needed to look at this. Just to remind me it still exists, if nothing else.

What a Crazy Couple of Weeks.

Real Life has been kicking me upside the head repeatedly the last ten days or so. First the Internet dropped on me. Then I get that back, only to start having car problems. When those things happen it’s hard for me to keep up with the ‘marketing’ side of writing, (which I would consider this), as it’s more the ‘chore’ in the process. Necessary, and it has moments I enjoy, like when I have comments on the Gunpowder Fantasy discussion (on which I’ll speak more about when I can reorder my thoughts on the subject).

I did, however, manage to make good progress on the Sword & Sandal novel, almost 15000 words over the last week. And a bunch of notes still to go. I’m building up to the finale of it. And it’s gotten close to ‘writing frenzy’ level a couple of times. So that’s a good thing.

I also did some reading. Finishing 2 Urban Fantasies, the first Alex Varus novel Fated. With which I was very pleasantly surprised. And the most recent Kate Daniels novel Magic Rises. I saw the Tor review on this today, and if you MUST read it look http://www.tor.com/blogs/2013/07/book-review-ilona-andrews-magic-rises. I’m just going to say this: it’s really lame to say, “Well gee, this is a series, and it’s hard to judge the formula this far along” as your review. If you don’t like it, give a specific example why. If you do, say so. Otherwise, Why the frak are you reviewing it?

Oh, and don’t say something is a deus ex machina  that the characters didn’t earn when Kate fought a freaking duel to earn it! Yes, it was an unintended consequence. But the Chekhov’s Gun was there. It went off. BANG.  That’s not an undeserved reward, or ‘not earned by their efforts.’ Really, why write a review if your summation is going to be, “If you like the series, you’ll like this. If you don’t, well, you’re not reading this book anyway.”

Who picks up the SIXTH book of a freaking series and starts there anyway?! http://gamerindebt.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/double-facepalm.jpg

I started Daniel Abraham’s The Tyrant’s Law today, so far I’m pleased. But it’s early. I have to squeeze Warbound by the master of gun-porn-fantasy, Larry Correia, too. But I’ll do that after the latest Dagger and Coin.

Oh, and my own writing. Yeah that too. And getting back on track with this. I think today was a good start. 😉