Editing Project Finished.

My initial foray into the world of professional editing is complete. The last I *heard* the author was happy. But that was before I sent the final chapters on last night. *ducks under desk* You never can tell when you’re swinging that red pen around.

Now I need to get back to editing my OWN work. I’m going to make a final pass at The Iron Conqueror before I sit down and format it for publication. Then I should start having some official looking announcements and maybe even an Amazon page. *gasp* We shall see. I have one other work that will be ready when it gets a reverse cover image and blurb. I made the final run at that a while back. But I’ve wanted the Steampunk to me the lead all along, because I think it’s more market-friendly than my Historical Fantasy.

At any rate, that’s a project I get to strike off my to-do list. I haven’t had as much success with that lately as I’d hoped. Of course, when my current project is a 5 book epic fantasy, it takes a bit longer to get through than some of the other material. ūüėČ I need to do some book reviews when I have more time as well. I’ve read a few since my last review post. Some one item onto the list to replace the one that came off.

Here We Go Again

You know, I’ve come to the conclusion that the entertainment industry is populated by the only group of semi-educated people on earth who both:

1) Have no freaking comprehension of how market economics works. And

2) Still make money, despite their incompetence at managing said system.

Of course, I would add that their lack of intuitive grasp of the Law of Supply and Demand is beginning to have consequences. Especially with the new realm of Indie Creators and small marketeers eating away at their profits.

Which is, of course, at the heart of why a bunch of .001% authors can suffer Amazon Derangement Syndrome, claim a boycott is happening when it isn’t, and then duff around while their publishers–who artificially inflate the prices on e-books–continue to tell them stories about how Amazon is cheating them. This despite the fact Amazon has specifically promised to compensate THEM for any losses.

Note, this means authors are complaining because their publisher is abusing them, and they are complaining to the party that is actively trying to compensate them fairly.

Yeah. GET A CLUE. https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20140703/13251627775/one-percent-authors-want-to-end-destructive-conflict-bring-order-to-galaxy.shtml

The Iron Conqueror is Coming for You!

As in my soon-to-be E-Published novel,¬†The Iron Conqueror.¬†I’ve spent a long time beating my head against the traditional market’s doors, but I think the Steampunk audience, of all groups in the Speculative Fiction marketplace, is most willing to pursue the alternatives that the New Market Paradigm offers. So I’m going to put my work where my mouth is and try to prove you all right.

Here’s the reverse cover for my work:¬†Image

I’ll stack the work on the cover for The Iron Conqueror against any work the ‘professionals’ at most publishing houses produce. And what’s more, you’ll actually see my world as¬†I imagine it, not some suit who knows nothing about Steampunk but what they saw on a stereotypical¬†CSI¬†episode. (Or even a better¬†Castle one.) ¬†Suzi (Kachinadoll to those who follow her on deviantArt) is a talented artist whose Steampunk works have been sought after professionally before I came calling. And I’ve loved the Steampunk aesthetic since before it existed as a subculture of its own, having grown up on Jules Verne, H.G. Welles and the Future That Never Was.

For those who have seen some form of¬†The Iron Conqueror¬†in the past, I can assure you that the published version is cleaner and smoother than what you’ve seen. I’ve grown a lot as a writer since I first typed this four years ago, and I think it shows in the product.

It will also include a map of Trivoria, a glossary of Nations, Characters, and a summary of the Calendar, Faiths, and Magic System of the Griffin’s Tale series. And the story still has all the intrigue, in-it-to-win-it characters, and no-holds-barred action scenes you expect from a Steampunk story, or from Tarien Cole’s mad imagination in particular.

So find your Coachman’s hats, climb up the ladder, and let the cabin steward pour you some tea. The Iron Conqueror is taking flight.