Just What the World Needs

More vague language about “just and reasonable” decision-making from a government regulatory agency.

And here, you thought Net Neutrality was just about making sure someone didn’t throttle speeds. Silly rabbit, tricks are for lawyers. *EVERY* ISP innovation is now subject to Government approval. The FCC has just made itself the FDA of the Internet, and no one voted to allow them to do it.


Buy hey, a Bit is a Bit, right? You get to wait three times as long for internet speeds to improve because you didn’t want a private company negotiating privately with Netflix. Yeah, this is soooo much better. Throttle ALL speeds instead.

Just a reminder: http://tpc.pc2.netdna-cdn.com/images/Stalin_Computer_Net_Neutrality.jpg

Think Something Might Be a Bad Idea?

Check “The People’s Cube” to see if they’re mocking it. Generally speaking, anything that you can put Stalin next to is bad:

and this: http://tpc.pc2.netdna-cdn.com/peoples_resource/image/32455-net-neutrality.jpg

Because someone, somewhere, might decide paying more for their internet is OK with them, now we ALL are going to pay more. For inferior service. Using a scheme twice declare illegal by the courts and a model whose regulations helped create the largest TelCom monopoly in the world. One that had to be broken by the Courts because its stranglehold was so pervasive no one could compete with it. Yeah, Ma Bell for the Internet sounds like a good idea.

Oh, but this will keep corporations from raising rates and throttling speed on providers! Yeah…about that. If that’s the case, why are they all onboard supporting this? ALL the Big Corporations campaigned for this–because it WASN’T good for them? Somehow, I don’t think so.

Just once, I’d love it if someone would realize that maybe life is better when the government isn’t trying to control your choices.

Second principle: Anytime someone suggests the government impose “Neutrality” or “Fairness?” Run Like Hell.