Now for Something Completely Different

Because Deciding Footy Matches with PKs Sucks: I hereby present my solution to the problem of Extra Time. Not that MLS, FIFA, or any other organization would ever implement this. It might mean that the players get to decide the game, and Extra Time might be thrilling, instead of a grind to the lottery that is the equivalent of deciding a football match with a baseball batting practice where everything that clears the infield is counted a home run.

Bullet points:

1) The game will be played until a winner is decided on the field.

2) The 1st ET is standard. But every ET session after is Golden Goal.

3) There is limited augmentation of substitutions allowed during ET. To meet the concerns of player health.

4) After ET1, the game is small sided. And gets smaller every session.


At the start of ET2, each team is allowed 1 substitution, in addition to the 3 of regular time. At the end of every ET session, each team is allowed to sub 1 player. As with any other substitution, no re-entries are permitted. These additional subs may *only* be made between sessions. If there are substitutions left from regular time, those may be used at the coaches’ discretion, as normal.

From the end of the First Extra Time session, 1 player from the 11 (coach’s discretion) *must* be removed from the game. That is to say, ET2 is, assuming full-sides, 10v10, ET3 is 9v9, ET4 is 8v8. This ceases with ET5 and beyond, where the game remains 7v7. Any discrepancy from squad side due to cards remains. Except that no side goes below 7 players, so the size of the unpunished team dictates the period in which the final squad reduction occurs. Note: intermission subs are still allowed through each period, regardless.

ET1 is played normally. If a team is leading at the end of 15mins, they win. If the game remains tied, it continues into Golden Goal format. The first goal scored in ET2 and beyond is the final goal. Each extra time session remains 15mins, with a water break allowed between each period, along with sufficient time to make changes. Players neither substituted nor removed are not to leave the field. Coaches are not to leave their respective technical areas.

I Was Born in Minnesota

and though I left a LONG time ago, and will remain a fan of Sporting KC in MLS, I’m still happy to see this news today. Because way back when I lived in the state, I was one of those people kicking a round ball when no one else thought it was a sport.

This will be one game I will want to watch live when Minnesota United FC joins the League in 2018. Great job.