So Bloomberg is Determined to Keep

#Gamersgate a “thing.” And perpetuate the farce that Sarkeesian and Quinn are oh-so-concerned about the plight of feminism in the face of gamers.

This is an able reply:

For my part, I say: One is a lying liar who has spent her entire life going from Multi-level Marketing Scams to Teleseminars to Kickstarters that produce nothing without producing a single product worthy of the name. The other is a person who traded horizontal favors for good reviews and then complains that her journalistic ‘ethics’ would be questioned. I don’t question Quinn’s. She has none.

As usual, the radicals and their agitprops with bylines choose the worst possible examples for making their argument and try to turn them into heroes. Sarkeesian, Quinn and McIntosh have been internet bullies and trolls of the worst sort. Resorting to the typical array of internet thuggery, including the “prank” of SWATTING and sending biohazards to people’s home after doxxing their addresses. And of course, they’ve done this toward a group that is perpetually marginalized and despised in popular culture. A group that wants nothing more than to be left alone with their hobby.

And quite against their central thesis: Whenever I play on-line, it’s a thrill to have a female gamer in my party. Especially in RPGs where we’re free to chat and roam while we adventure. And I never knew anyone in an RPG who felt differently. I went my entire childhood being bullied. Usually for things I had no control over. I’m *well* past the age of being forced to endure what the “cool kids” do to me. Even from the professional malcontents that Bloomberg is trying to turn into idol.

I don’t know why the new-era of Feminist Left has decided that they want all the social control of the Puritans with none of the promise of Heaven. But I can say, without hesitation, that they’ve gone to the losing side of the culture war. That is: the side that thinks it can intrude into your home and tell you what to do.