So What is More Searched Today than “Is God Real?”

“Is Glenn Dead?” Yes, Walking Dead Spoilers Imminent. Well what do I think? Glad you asked. Let’s queue Obi-Wan Kenobi: From A Certain Point of View

Here’s what I think: Aside from the obvious juke-step in The Talking Dead last night, where they did everything but declare Glenn survived, and the fact that Glenn’s actor has, in fact, signed on for Season 7 already, there is this little precedent: Numerous times in the series, Original characters have been bailed out of seeming sure death by new (or almost new) characters. It happened this season with Daryl by Morgan. In the premier Glenn bailed out Rick. And most clearly, Michonne’s revelation saving Andrea. (Some might ask if that helped us.)

It’s an established pattern in the show. Put an ‘untouchable’ in dire peril. Introduce new character to save the fan favorite. We know already that Jesus is set to be unveiled soon this season. We also know that no one is able to confirm Glenn’s fate, which means Maggie is going to hunt for him. It’s what she does. So will she find Jesus? Or will he lead Glenn back home? Either way, I suspect that with the Fall Finale, if not sooner, we’ll discover Glenn managed to guts his way to survival. It’s not like he doesn’t know the protocol.

On other notes: I received Jim Butcher’s The Aeronaut’s Windlass the other day. Sorry. But all other reading is backburnered for JB. Especially when we’re talking about Butcher+Steampunk. And oh yes. He knows the genre. And it feels the most enthusiastic work I’ve read in the genre since The Peshawar Lancers (which if you haven’t read, Shame. On. You). I’m halfway through it and enjoying it thoroughly. Proper review to follow.

Also, thanks to another resident Victoriana lover for the suggestion of the Baoer 388. A $5 fountain pen that writes as well as some hundred buck ones I’ve used. Sturdy build as well. I think I’ve finally found a fountain pen I’m not afraid to make an Every Day Carry.