I Keep Hearing People Say

That “Social Justice Warrior” is a bogus term. It doesn’t really mean anything. And there aren’t any people really advocating for telling you how to live on the left anyway. Right? Right?

Well, tell me what a good name for the Puppy Kickers who destroyed the Hugos, the liars who turned a critique of journalistic ethics in gaming into a charge about feminism, or the people who say we can’t listen to heavy metal–or even Folk Metal–music because it’s too ‘masculine’ and ‘white’ might be?


Really? Now we go after a genre where a high percentage of the most popular bands are fronted by female singers as being “Too masculine”?  And of course, then we can get into the whole question of why it’s ‘evil’ to be masculine. The only good males are geldings, it seems.

So ok, if we can’t call them SJWs, then I’m going to call them Assassins of Joy. Only they’re not nearly as funny as Vir Cotto. And they’re quite unlikely to bumble their way to the top of the Centauri Republic.

And just remember, sooner or later, these same people will come for a fandom you care about. So when will Free Speech matter to you?

And Let The Popcorn Eating Commence.

The Hugo Nominees came out, and after months of being told the Sad Puppies were a minority that didn’t matter. That last year proved the award belong to the CHORFs and TrueFen, the truth comes out.


Tor is in an uproar, if you ever needed proof they long ago left the majority of their genre’s fans behind, you see it here from Moshe Feder of the aforementioned publisher’s FB feed:

It’s most unfortunate that right-wing fans with a warped, paranoid vision of how the Hugo Awards have successfully functioned for decades, confabulated scenarios in which they imagined their favorite works had been kept off the ballot, or from winning, by non-existent left-wing conspirators. Sadly, they chose to respond with an _actual_ conspiracy of their own, and have, as a result, succeeded in demeaning and devaluing the awards. The fact that their conspiracy was open rather than secret makes it no less nefarious. I don’t know whether to shake my head or my fist.
The Hugo Awards are not supposed to be political elections, but popular judgments of absolute quality. To bring organized campaigning into the awards’ process is to render them all but meaningless. I feel sorry for those authors whose stories deserved recognition but whose nominations have now been sullied by association with the conspiracy.
I have to give this some thought, but I may have to conclude that an ethical fan with traditional fannish values has no choice but to only consider nominees _not_ backed by the slates and, if not satisfied that those deserve to win, to then vote No Award in as many categories as necessary. No Award is our last bastion against corruption. Unfortunately, to vote for any of the slate-backed nominees, no matter how worthy in the abstract, would be to implicitly endorse the cynical and unfannish way they got on the ballot.

Folks, we’ve danced this dance last year. Even Scalzi admitted that the only thing SP did different from before was make their bloc voting transparent. When feminists swept the Nebulas and pranced around Twitter chanting they would never read a white, male, heterosexual author, no one at Tor called them out for their matriarchal dance. And those of us who called that just as sexist as if I said I’d never read a lesbian female author–which would be untrue, as I have–were called backwards right-wingers and not-true fans.

What’s more, the SP slate deliberately culled itself to not overemphasize it’s own triumph. If you needed proof Larry Correia is class, here it is: http://monsterhunternation.com/2015/04/04/sad-puppies-update-the-nominees-announced-and-why-i-refused-my-nomination/. Now I can hope without reservation that Jim Butcher–criminally overlooked for the Hugos for over a decade–come on, not ONE nomination? Did you not read Dead Beat or Changes?–will get an award he justly deserves. And while Butcher *may* have snuck a couple of political statements into his later Dresden novels, none of them are overt table pounding. And the one that annoyed the Left the most was said by a Faye the reader isn’t supposed to empathize with ANYWAY, as Dresden says the exact opposite–tolerant–statement. But that isn’t good enough. Not to mention, it wasn’t in Skin Game anyway, which is nothing if not a back-to-Dead Beat recapitulation of everything that made the Files DresdenCrack to begin with.

So I’m not sorry that Sad Puppies crashed the party. We were told for years we didn’t matter, and wouldn’t change the award.

We did. We have. And if you think it’s for the worse, then ask yourself what does it mean to be ‘inclusive’? Or is only ‘Inclusive of the people we like’? The Evil League of Evil is here to stay, and I proudly wear my Overlord-in-Waiting tag.