Salvaging August

A host of real-life issues kept kicking me in the head all month long. They call them the dog-days for a reason.

But I finished the first book of my Sword & Sandal series. And I like the story and all three main characters. (There are, of course, a host of additional characters, as befits any Epic Fantasy.) I went straight into the second book, tentatively titled Chosen in War. I’m into the second chapter of it, even though I didn’t have a great week writing.

I also finished reading two books this week, and I can safely say I recommend them both. Of course, one of them, The Tyrant’s Law, by Daniel Abraham, is the third in the Epic Fantasy The Dagger and Coin series. It’s a bit slower than the first two. But it develops the characters well and sets up a promising confrontation for the last two books. The other book was It was the Best of Sentences. It was the Worst of Sentences. It’s a simple, pithy grammar and style guide. I’ll recommend this over the style guide you’ve probably seen in classes and celebrates a half-century of telling people WRONG grammar advice.

I’m going to try to set up a Table of Contents for The Iron Conqueror to set it up for epub this weekend. Then I’ll give it a final once-over before sending it off. I wanted to get this done before now. But formatting is about as far from what I wanted to do with all the other stuff as I could imagine.

For a bad month, it wasn’t unproductive. That has to count for something, right?