Three Stadiums with ARTIFICIAL TURF

in this country over Sporting Park, which is easily the most beautiful stadium in this country to watch a footy match. Really, I could deal with this if they hadn’t listed more than Stubhub, even though it’s an ugly, older stadium that hasn’t seen any more of their “history” than SportingKC did winning MLS Cup in front of our own fans (the 1st team to get to do so). But 3 parks playing on fake grass. 2 with fake lines during gridiron season? Get. Real.

Get a clue, 4-4-2

h/t The Blue Testament for the link:

On another note, I should be ~38k by the end of the NaNoing day.

Ethical Dilemma!

I sooo wanted to get the Word Count for NaNoWriMo up to 35,000 words this weekend. It’s been flowing, moving daily, and I might even knock out all my notes by the end of writing on Sunday. Or so I thought…

…and then¬†THIS¬†shows up on my doorstep. Oh…thank you Postal Service, for not even knocking at my door. Kate Daniels, you magnificent butt-kicker, can I possibly put this off until I get 3000 words typed?


Over Halfway done

26,500 words after day 12. That’s despite last night being truncated because after 10-12hr days with a horde of customers on Thursdays, my brain is something approximating Swiss Cheese. At one point last night, I dozed while holding the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa down. Umm, there were more “A”s.

No, I did not count that as a word. Why are you asking? :/ I deleted it, and then made record of it here, because Internet is forever.

I’m actually pleased with the story so far. Which is good seeing it’s Book 5 of 6, and a project I’ve spent now almost 2 years of pretty much 100% of my writing on. I detoured just long enough to do NaNo on something else last year. Then buried the results because I hated them. The previous year was book 2 of this series. So yeah, longer than 2 years. And since they’re epic fantasies, the shortest was 125,000 words. I can almost see the finish line for the series. But it’s a loooong way off still.

Then maybe I can do some dreadpunk, with a Victorian Indiana Jones. ūüėČ

Oh Well Guess 20k WIll Have to Wait

Until the end of today. Had waaaay too many interruptions and extra hours of work this weekend to go over and above on the writing. So I ended the weekend w. 4300 words and a total of 18,500. A regular day today should see me over 20k.

We didn’t get to see Spectre opening weekend either. See above for the reason. But hey, at least I’ll have lots of OT on this check. The IRS will love that.

Only 15 pages of notes left

Oh no! That’s not far enough ahead. Fortunately, I’ll be scribbling more today. ūüėõ

14,200 words so far for NaNo. My goal is to be over 20k by the end of the weekend. That might be a¬†tad ambitious, seeing as Mrs Cole and I are planning on seeing¬†Spectre this weekend too. But I’d always rather set high goals than lower ones.

NaNo projects my 50k word date at November 22nd right now. I’m hoping to be able to validate on the 20th. At any rate, the last couple NaNos were more chore-like than fun for me. So it’s nice to have one where the words are flowing readily.

So keep writing! Wait…if you’re on NaNo, why are you even here in the first place:

Take HEED!

Thanks NaNo.

But I really don’t think I’ll be done by November 12th. *chuckles* Of course, I don’t expect to be.

4500 words on day 1 was a nice start. But the general plan from here one is 2000 words a workday, save Thursdays, where if I can squeak out a thousand, I’m doing well. (Work is crazy for me then, and typically leaves my brain dribbling out my ears.) Then rack up 3k on the weekend. Of course, that still puts me at¬†20k at the end of next Sunday, and going over 50k on November 20th (the earliest validation day, as I recall).

The point is this: One of the things people rag on NaNo about is it being ‘speed writing.’ It really isn’t. 1500 words a day, every day, will get you close enough to 50k in a month to make it with a couple bigger¬†days thrown in. That’s not a sprint. Not even close. That’s less than Stephen King’s maxim for ‘real writers’ in¬†On Writing. It doesn’t require ramming speed recklessness. It simply requires¬†consistent¬†effort. Something which anyone writing novels really needs, since the Doubt Monster will otherwise come and swallow up your half-finished¬†manuscript.

Sure, you’ll have to edit, so it really isn’t ‘done’ in terms of publication ready. But it’s a lot harder for the DM to critical hit that completed rough draft than it is the thing that’s one-third to half-finished. Messing with that, before you’ve seen how all the plotlines shake out, isn’t editing. It’s¬†tinkering.¬†Make editing its own phase. Separate from writing. It’s neater that way.

It’s That Time of the Year Again.

No. I’m not staying up until 0000 so I can start NaNoWriMo on the stroke of the 1st. I’m far too old for that. But don’t worry, I have 34 pages of notes set for expansion and typing. I think that should get me a good start over the next couple days. And I expect nothing less than a good 5k start on Day1.

So, if you haven’t already buddied me, find me¬†here!¬†I’ll be sure to return the favor. Erm, when I take a break from rapping my keyboard in the fastest four finger typing session you’ve ever seen.

What? My wife even says so. 65 words a minute without using all of both hands. Not bad for a middle aged guy like me. ūüėČ

Update:¬†Well, a mere 4500 words for day 1. But it’s at the end of a section. So a good time to stop before¬†Walking Dead.

Now for Something Completely Different

Because Deciding Footy Matches with PKs Sucks: I hereby present my solution to the problem of Extra Time. Not that MLS, FIFA, or any other organization would ever implement this. It might mean that the players get to decide the game, and Extra Time might be thrilling, instead of a grind to the lottery that is the equivalent of deciding a football match with a baseball batting practice where everything that clears the infield is counted a home run.

Bullet points:

1) The game will be played until a winner is decided on the field.

2) The 1st ET is standard. But every ET session after is Golden Goal.

3) There is limited augmentation of substitutions allowed during ET. To meet the concerns of player health.

4) After ET1, the game is small sided. And gets smaller every session.


At the start of ET2, each team is allowed 1 substitution, in addition to the 3 of regular time. At the end of every ET session, each team is allowed to sub 1 player. As with any other substitution,¬†no re-entries are permitted. These additional subs may *only* be made between sessions. If there are substitutions left from regular time, those may be used at the coaches’ discretion, as normal.

From the end of the First Extra Time session, 1 player from the 11 (coach’s discretion) *must* be removed from the game. That is to say, ET2 is, assuming full-sides, 10v10, ET3 is 9v9, ET4 is 8v8. This ceases with ET5 and beyond, where the game remains 7v7. Any discrepancy from squad side due to cards remains. Except that no side goes below 7 players, so the size of the unpunished¬†team dictates the period in which the final squad reduction occurs. Note: intermission subs are still allowed through each period, regardless.

ET1 is played normally. If a team is leading at the end of 15mins, they win. If the game remains tied, it continues into Golden Goal format. The first goal scored in ET2 and beyond is the final goal. Each extra time session remains 15mins, with a water break allowed between each period, along with sufficient time to make changes. Players neither substituted nor removed are not to leave the field. Coaches are not to leave their respective technical areas.