Search Your Feelings. You KNOW it to be True.

The Empire was right. Admit it.:

If only the messengers of the Sith had not succumbed to the darkness of their natures. If only they had been more like Revan, who recognized the need for the Dark Side to defeat the Mandalorian Threat. Who, along with his General, realized that the truth was not all on the side of the Jedi. Who sat and watched as the Galaxy burned. Who felt nothing, denied their just impulses and remained silent as threats gathered beyond the fringes of the Republic that they had no interest in facing.

The Jedi did not fall because they were destroyed by the Sith. They fell because they refused to stand when the galaxy needed them. Nobility of heart means nothing without the intent to act. And the Jedi code saps all willingness to resist. In an ideological war, one cannot replace passion with indolence.

Or, one could simply argue that Lucas made the Jedi of Yoda’s era into complete idiots, duped into believing their own wisdom instead of facing the threats arrayed against them. They failed because Lucas decreed they should fail, and he no longer truly respected what he had built in the original movies.

But the first argument is at least fun for its counter-narrative impact. Because everyone else is linking it too. 😉

OK. This Strikes Me As Intriguing

Just don’t do something stupid like cast Shia Labeouf as the young Han Solo, please.

I have to admit I’ve been impressed with most of Disney’s decisions since acquiring the Star Wars Franchise. I still wish they had decided to play with the Thrawn storyline from Timothy Zahn’s novels. But I can see, given the age of the primary characters, why that might be problematic at this point.

On another note, the writing is flowing again. If slower than before, it’s something close to consistent. So I can’t complain. 😉