I Keep Hearing People Say

That “Social Justice Warrior” is a bogus term. It doesn’t really mean anything. And there aren’t any people really advocating for telling you how to live on the left anyway. Right? Right?

Well, tell me what a good name for the Puppy Kickers who destroyed the Hugos, the liars who turned a critique of journalistic ethics in gaming into a charge about feminism, or the people who say we can’t listen to heavy metal–or even Folk Metal–music because it’s too ‘masculine’ and ‘white’ might be?


Really? Now we go after a genre where a high percentage of the most popular bands are fronted by female singers as being “Too masculine”?  And of course, then we can get into the whole question of why it’s ‘evil’ to be masculine. The only good males are geldings, it seems.

So ok, if we can’t call them SJWs, then I’m going to call them Assassins of Joy. Only they’re not nearly as funny as Vir Cotto. And they’re quite unlikely to bumble their way to the top of the Centauri Republic.

And just remember, sooner or later, these same people will come for a fandom you care about. So when will Free Speech matter to you?