Am I the Only One

That finds WordPress hates Firefox? I switched primary browsers from Chrome back to Mozilla the other day. And of course, the accompanying pain of switching passwords and trying to remember which ones were active for which sites ensued. But despite resetting my account here and being able to get into WordPress on Chrome just fine, it still tells my Firefox browser to get bent.


So I’m Back on the Mainland

And going back to the 7-3 grind again today. Loved the week in Hawaii, wish it could’ve been more than that. Yeah, I know, big surprise there. ūüėõ

Good news is, I’ve found the writing groove again. Punched out a chapter last night. Also did a LOT of reading on vacation. Enjoyed most of it, and I think it refocused me well coming back. We’ll see how it goes.

I have a dozen links on Gamersgate, and I intend to post my thoughts on it in the next couple days. Until then, don’t let Grimdark drive you to despair!

So It Be Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Aye Me Hearties! It be the one day a year ye can make no sense and no one be minding ye. Of course, for some of ye lot, this be no different from every other day. So mayhaps ye should turn a weather eye and learn the jargon.

Aye, some of ye wouldn’t know a bow from a keel if I hauled ye over it. Fortunately, the lads who popularized this (along with the esteemed Mr. Dave Barry) can show ye here.¬†

So, be off with ye! Find yer grog and a bit of treasure, and don’t say ye’ll hang yer boss from the yardarm if he know what that be!

And to help ye with the Piratical mood, have ye some Airship Pirates and their travails:

What a Crazy Couple of Weeks.

Real Life has been kicking me upside the head repeatedly the last ten days or so. First the Internet dropped on me. Then I get that back, only to start having car problems. When those things happen it’s hard for me to keep up with the ‘marketing’ side of writing, (which I would consider this), as it’s more the ‘chore’ in the process. Necessary, and it has moments I enjoy, like when I have comments on the Gunpowder Fantasy discussion (on which I’ll speak more about when I can reorder my thoughts on the subject).

I did, however, manage to make good progress on the Sword & Sandal novel, almost 15000 words over the last week. And a bunch of notes still to go. I’m building up to the finale of it. And it’s gotten close to ‘writing frenzy’ level a couple of times. So that’s a good thing.

I also did some reading. Finishing 2 Urban Fantasies, the first Alex Varus novel¬†Fated. With which I was very pleasantly surprised. And the most recent¬†Kate Daniels novel¬†Magic Rises.¬†I saw the Tor review on this today, and if you MUST read it look¬† I’m just going to say this: it’s really lame to say, “Well gee, this is a series, and it’s hard to judge the formula this far along” as your review. If you don’t like it, give a specific example why. If you do, say so. Otherwise,¬†Why the frak are you reviewing it?

Oh, and don’t say something is a deus ex machina ¬†that the characters didn’t earn when Kate fought a freaking¬†duel¬†to earn it! Yes, it was an unintended consequence. But the Chekhov’s Gun was there. It went off. BANG. ¬†That’s not an undeserved reward, or ‘not earned by their efforts.’ Really, why write a review if your summation is going to be, “If you like the series, you’ll like this. If you don’t, well, you’re not reading this book anyway.”

Who picks up the SIXTH book of a freaking series and starts there anyway?!

I started Daniel Abraham’s¬†The Tyrant’s Law today, so far I’m pleased. But it’s early. I have to squeeze¬†Warbound by the master of gun-porn-fantasy, Larry Correia, too. But I’ll do that after the latest Dagger and Coin.

Oh, and my own writing. Yeah that too. And getting back on track with this. I think today was a good start. ūüėČ

Once More Into the Breach!

I’ve done this blogging thing a few times. But mostly for politics in the past. This site, on the other hand, is meant to avoid politics, as much as is possible for me. (Yeah, I see you snickering on the other side of the monitor. I mean it!)

What this blog¬†is meant to promote is my writing. Many of you may know that I’ve been sharing my writing, and my desire to become an author, on deviantArt for sometime. As you can see¬† ¬†As part of my effort to promote my work, garner visibility, and chase the elusive brass ring that is professional, published, Fantasy Author, I’m starting this site.

What do you expect to see here? Well, excerpts from my writing, naturally. General promotion of the excellence that is Tarien Cole’s writing. The artwork of others inspired by my stellar imagination. The maps from my various worlds. The rave reviews my work has gathered. And my own shoeing of the nincompoops who think they do this better than me.

Will I lapse into political commentary from time to time? Perhaps. But I hope to keep it to matters that touch on the Speculative Fiction community. Copyright and piracy, the direction of the genre in general. Where I see the boundaries between Fantasy and Science Fiction within that larger grouping. The questions the publishing industry must deal with in a growing cybermarket world. And whatever else tickles my fancy.

I will probably also drop bits of lightheartedness here, as they seep into my GrimDark soul. But since these are only Hope Shots, expect me to dash them to pieces in short order. You have been warned. I may also grant glimpses into my plans for global domination during the zombie apocalypse. But I can’t promise.

It will also contain news as to my progress in my current projects, and where I see things going next. Occasionally I may post my concepts for future reference. However, we really don’t want to give¬†too much away, do we?

As the blog gets out of its ‘Under Construction’ phase and moves more towards permanence, I’ll provide more concrete site navigation. Until then, thanks for looking in, and I hope you enjoy the journey!