A Great Little Article on RPG-Villainy.

I love to twirl my mustache in game. But then, some might think I’m evil in life too. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!


There’s one part I’ll caveat. Yes, *ultimately* your creation should lose. But there’s lots of chances for humiliating characters and maybe even offing one or two when they’re careless along the way. If the heroes always win, then there’s no risk in facing the scheming villain. The key is to play fair. Reward the players for success, give them reason to weep when they fail. And don’t pull the, “Oh, you only *thought* you won” card out unless you can show foreshadowing of the element. Also accept that they might want to back out and try again sometimes. And that’s ok.

And Now For Something Completely Different

If you’ve followed this blog for a time, you’ve noted my forays into discussions of the global football variety. You also are aware that I am something of a gamer. It should not surprise then, that my interests converge with the infamous Football Manager franchise from Sports Interactive. The other day, I started a game on the handheld version, as Jan Kunzer (the last name of my character from my Aurori series). Starting as German and unemployed, I took a job with the former East German 3. Bundesliga side Rot-Weiss Erfurt: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FC_Rot-Wei%C3%9F_Erfurt.

The season had already started, with 1 loss. The wage bill was so high I had to shift all my transfer funds to cover it (barely). Two of my best players were injured. Oh…and literally days after I took the job, I got a message saying a ‘Surprise tax bill came due.’ And the finances instantly went from OK to “Insecure.” Talk about realism. I guess technically the chairman could fire me, because he swore me to secrecy. Then of course, since I had no money, I had to sell 2 of my best players to keep under the wage bill when December came around. Ahh. I hadn’t had a game like that since the old days of Champ Manager 97/98 Lower League Management.

Writing wise, I’m still plugging away. I did some work this week on the business side of things as well. I’ve also taken on some editing work, for a little extra something. But seeing as I have six pages of notes waiting to be typed still, I better get cracking and resist the urge of one…more…game. 😉