Well Thanks For The Apology Marvel. Now Shove Off!

So Marvel ‘apologized’ in the typical ‘if you’re offended, we didn’t mean it, but sorry’ kinda way that cowards apologize in for things they laugh at behind your back. The “Oh you caught us! We’re sorry!” Bogus apology, for this little stunt: http://www.publiusforum.com/2010/02/08/marvel-comics-captain-america-says-tea-parties-are-dangerous-and-racist/

Yeah, glad to see Marvel, which has always been hackney leftist, going full bore Obama surrogates to the masses. Right down to using the slur that if I used would be considered homophobe, but when used by ‘tolerant’ leftists to describe the Tea Party is just a play on words. No really. No standards but double standards. I don’t care if Captain America is left of center. I mean, he’s a child of the New Deal, who probably really thinks FDR’s policies got the country out of the Depression, when really it was us being neutral for a few years longer, so we could bring industry up to speed fighting World War II. Popular history does that to people. What I care about is the blatant disrespect for long-time readers it displays. Just like G.R.R Martin can insult his readers with supposed impunity for daring to suggest that maybe Jim Butcher deserves a Hugo too. Or that maybe everyone should be able to  either 1) show a photo ID or, 2) Have a person who can actually vouch that a voter is alive and from that district present when they perform one of the most solemn duties in a republic.

I’m tired of being insulted by people who are asking for my time, money, and attention. I’m tired of them thinking the Law of Supply and Demand doesn’t apply to them. And I’m tired of being lied to with their apologies, when we know full well they’ll do the same thing again.

This is why my Song of Ice & Fire series is in a “Go to Used Book Store” pile. And this is why I’m now done with Marvel too. When they can demonstrate they’re interested in entertaining rather than preaching to low information voters, I *might* reconsider my non-interest. But until then, they can go take a flying leap into their second bankruptcy, for all I care.

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