The Puppies need to thank these recruiters

Reblogged for Truth. The Evil League of Evil is well aware that supervillians, axiomatically and by the inviolable laws of tropes (specifically the Starscream and Chronic Backstabbing Disorder), cannot remain in alliances, even of convenience, for long. But thanks to the glorious work of the (a)Social (in)Justice Mob, our schemes continue apace. šŸ˜‰

Otherwhere Gazette

Order_of_the_Sith_LordsThe Sad Puppies really do need to thank some people who are not of their number. Iā€™ve been watching this fiasco as someone who is in sympathy with the SP movement without being one myself. The truth for the rank and file SP members is basically that they were informed that they could vote on the Hugos and actually get books they liked on the ballot. From the point of view of the rank and file Puppies this was information on how-to and some recommendations they could follow, but were not required to. Most of the rank and file used some of the suggestions and substituted others as they saw fit. Admittedly this did cause those who did not have enough recommendations in their own reading to use the list as a source for filling out the rest of the nominations. After all, they knew a bit about Brad Torgersonā€¦

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