COMMENTARY: The Art World’s Self-Serving Lies

Well-stated. And the problem of ‘just turning away’ is that unless it is actively negated, the practitioners of this facade will think themselves justified. And they will use their media megaphones to convince people they’re right. Just as they have in so-called ‘literary fiction,’ which they can’t accept has contributed strongly to the death of reading.



image by Scott Adams

BEING SMOTHERED IN THEIR OWN TANGLED WEBS: BBC News Roger Scruton’s “How Modern Art Became Trapped by its Urge to Shock”

Key quote from the article, a summary of how the contemporary art world conspires to inflate inferior productions and specious reputations:

“Originality requires learning, hard work, the mastery of a medium and – most of all – the refined sensibility and openness to experience that have suffering and solitude as their normal cost.

“To gain the status of an original artist is therefore not easy. But in a society where art is revered as the highest cultural achievement, the rewards are enormous. Hence there is a motive to fake it. Artists and critics get together in order to take themselves in, the artists posing as the originators of astonishing breakthroughs, the critics posing as the penetrating judges of the true avant-garde.

“In this way Duchamp’s famous urinal…

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2 thoughts on “COMMENTARY: The Art World’s Self-Serving Lies

  1. Thanks you for sharing. Expect a lot more squealing from the entrenched elite as their self-righteous domination of our culture is challenged. I’ve been thrilled by the efforts of the Sad and Rabid Puppies, doing their part to break the stranglehold corrupt ideologues have in the creative classes. Remodernism seeks to do the same in visual art.

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