Oh the whining and whinging – repost and update

I’ve never wanted to spend the money on KU as a reader. Perhaps that will change in the future. After all, it’s the same as buying 1 book a month, which I really do. But I don’t read books that fast on Kindle presently.

As an author, I haven’t made up my mind which way to go yet. It does mean going exclusively Amazon. Of course, Amazon is 90% of the Indie Sales market. So that’s not as big a deal as it used to be. But I have heard of people who make Smashwords work still. Since most of what I write is Fantasy and Steampunk, that also plays in.

Market research, I need to sit down for a week sometime soonish and see how fantasy sales are falling out.

Mad Genius Club

(Apologies first for doing a repost and brief update. I have to leave the house shortly to take my mother to a doctor’s appointment that will last all morning and possibly part of the afternoon. It is one of those marathon testings that will, hopefully, finally give us at least some insight into what’s been going on with her the last few months. It’s nothing serious and is only intermittent but she has no warning before an episode happens and, once it does, she is wiped out for a good 24 hours after. So, I hope you understand that my mind is elsewhere today. As for the update, I will post that at the end of the original article. Until later!)

I do so love how some folks have to hunt to find some sliver of something that might, in some faraway galaxy, be construed as ill-will by Amazon. Once…

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