And Now For Something Completely Different

If you’ve followed this blog for a time, you’ve noted my forays into discussions of the global football variety. You also are aware that I am something of a gamer. It should not surprise then, that my interests converge with the infamous Football Manager franchise from Sports Interactive. The other day, I started a game on the handheld version, as Jan Kunzer (the last name of my character from my Aurori series). Starting as German and unemployed, I took a job with the former East German 3. Bundesliga side Rot-Weiss Erfurt:

The season had already started, with 1 loss. The wage bill was so high I had to shift all my transfer funds to cover it (barely). Two of my best players were injured. Oh…and literally days after I took the job, I got a message saying a ‘Surprise tax bill came due.’ And the finances instantly went from OK to “Insecure.” Talk about realism. I guess technically the chairman could fire me, because he swore me to secrecy. Then of course, since I had no money, I had to sell 2 of my best players to keep under the wage bill when December came around. Ahh. I hadn’t had a game like that since the old days of Champ Manager 97/98 Lower League Management.

Writing wise, I’m still plugging away. I did some work this week on the business side of things as well. I’ve also taken on some editing work, for a little extra something. But seeing as I have six pages of notes waiting to be typed still, I better get cracking and resist the urge of one…more…game. šŸ˜‰

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