The Author Declaration of Rights

Signed and solemnly affirmed this 19th of February, Year of Our Lord 2015, by SWG, writing as Tarien Cole.

Mad Genius Club

The always interesting Pat Richardson over at Otherwhere Gazette has it nailed:

We hold these truths to be self-evident: That people *like* to read, and hear and watch Stories.

That Story should come before Message, but message is okay if that floats your boat.

That Books which put Message before Story are fine too, even if boring and tedious and pedantic.  .

That for Freedom of Speech (and Written Word) to be free, that Freedom must be sacrosanct, nothing is off limits, nothing is too offensive

That Freedom of Speech does not mean freedom not to be Offended, nor to impose your Offense on behalf of others.

That Freedom of Speech comes with consequences and others may Consequence your nose if you are too offensive.

That Writers must be free to write what they please and that no one has the right to tell them they may not…

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