Who are you to tell me I am not a fan?

You have to be a special kind of snob to say whether someone is or is not a fan. And I truly love it how people purposely EXCLUDE others and then say, “If you were more attached to US, you’d be a fan.”

Nice double standard there, Special Snowflake. I’m a fan of Speculative Fiction because I’m passionate about the genre. And I’m NOT a fan of what the SJWs and their minions are doing to it, because the objective data says they are killing it, just like they destroy everything else they touch that isn’t attached by umbilical cord to the Federal Treasury. But I don’t say THEY are not fans. I simply question their judgment AS fans. Just the same as I would question the judgment of a fellow Manchester United fan if they suggested David Moyes should still be managing Manchester United.

I grew up on Tolkien, Saberhagen, Fritz Leiber, Howard, and Dragon Magazine. From the time I was 12 until I was over 30, it was an annual rite for me to read The Lord of the Rings. I’ve worn through 3 separate copies of the trilogy.

And as far as ‘writing to teach’ goes. I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again: If you want to write propaganda, stay in non-fiction and write a political blog. If your name isn’t Neil Stephenson, the chances of you doing an author’s aside I want to read are slim and none.

Mad Genius Club

I had sworn I wasn’t going to go off on a tirade this morning. I had sworn I was going to go at least one week without pointing out the depths of hypocrisy coming from those who attack the Sad Puppies because, gasp, those of us supporting it aren’t supporting the “right” sort of books. But there was no way I could let this latest showcase of idiocy go unchallenged.

A little background. Yesterday at The New Otherwhere Gazette, Patrick Richardson penned a post entitled “Not a real fan”. The basic gist of the post boils down to this. Someone had posited that you can’t be a real fan unless you go to a lot of cons and belief science fiction is “all about teaching us lessons” and not about making it fun. Since I know what Pat was responding to, he framed the other side’s position quite well…

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