Not a real fan

And you know, there was a time I thought Con were the coolest thing in the world. Then I watched one after another turn into SJW party orgs. And like all things SJW, the fun went out of them. Sure as the sun rises. Because the Glittering Ones combine the moral prudity of the Puritans with the goals of Trotsky. Then they wonder why the market is drying up around their feet.

Otherwhere Gazette

I started loving science fiction when I was all of three or four, watching the Apollo/Soyuz link-up with my parents on TV. It’s one of my earliest memories. I remember playing in the semi-finished basement of our home in Colby, Kansas, listening to Walter Cronkite as little lights showed the orbits converging.

I was hooked.

For forty years I’ve read or watched every scrap of SFF I could get my hands on.

But, according to the Anti Sad Puppy crowd, I’m not a real fan.

I read the Hobbit for the first time in Kindergarten.

So I’m not a Real Fan.

I chased the Delikon off Earth in fourth grade and followed Alice down the rabbit hole.

But I’m not a real fan.

I devoured the Chronicles of Prydain and watched the Dark rise in 5th grade.

So I’m not a Real Fan.

By sixth grade I was on my…

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