Sad Puppies 3 Update

Don’t worry Larry, the fact that Jim Butcher hasn’t been nominated about 8 times over baffles me. So you bet I’m going for Skin Game, which is perhaps the 2nd best of the entire Dresdencrack series (behind only Dead Beat).

Monster Hunter Nation

Last week we released the Sad Puppies suggestions. Predictably, that caused some outrage. Then I asked for people to help out by providing links showing how SJWs operate. More outrage. Then the Breitbart article came out. Wow. That was fun.

I’ve been seeing a lot of criticisms of Sad Puppies. Now, my original plan was to have our eloquent spokesmanatee, Wendell, do an in depth interview with respected news man, Brian Williams, but Williams backed out of the interview at the last minute for some reason.

Sick burn, dude. Sick burn, dude.

So instead, I’ve thrown together some criticisms and narratives that the SJWs have been using and my brief response to each.

Sad Puppies represents the “Fringe” and “bigots with crazy beliefs”.  

Wait… Did my people nominate Requires Hate or a guy who publically supports NAMBLA while I wasn’t looking? Oh wait… That was the GOOD SIDE.

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