A New Writing Instrument

One of my Christmas Presents was an Aurora Ipsilon Fountain Pen. I’ve been using it the last couple of weeks. The ink of one of my old pens isn’t fantastic. Hopefully that will change, as I have some Skrip coming in. Not that my handwriting will ever be anything you want to see in more than measured doses.

Still, this new implement of creation has a steel nib, so it writes with feedback. But not uncomfortably so. The finish on the grip is distinct from that on the body, and it sits comfortably in my hand with a very nice balance when posted. And it’s produced a dozen pages the last couple days.

6 thoughts on “A New Writing Instrument

  1. I LOVE writing longhand – all my first drafts are in my horrible scrawl that is less decipherable than any wartime code. However, I usually just write with whatever implement is close at hand. Quite jealous of your lovely pen, hope it dribbles out plenty of wonderful words.

    • I like using a jetstream for a gel pen writing. Signo micro is also great. I can never find refills for them at the right size. Both of them wrote much more smoothly and felt better than the ubiquitous G2.

  2. Just wanted to comment: I loooove writing using a fountain pen. I use my father’s old Waterman for sentimental reasons on my diary; though I used to use a Rotring calligraphy pen before.

    Favorite ballpoint for me, due to reliability, is Parker. I haven’t tried their fountain pens though; might at some point as their ink is a little easier to obtain in Australia’s office supply stores than the ones for Waterman and Rotring.

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