Shall Cthulhu Be Overthrown?

Bringing this back to the front in light of a new wave of Lovecraft hate. I commented on the Dread International Lord of Hate Larry Correia’s blog here: on this subject.

My original argument still stands: Octavia Butler may have been a moving writer to many people. She did not however, EVER write fantasy. Period. Move along, folks. I’ll entertain renaming the award when you name an author who actually wrote in the genre.

The Worlds of Tarien Cole

So the Progressive March through Science Fiction and Fantasy continues apace. Not being sated by ensuring the dreaded Sad Puppy slate was skunked (Despite Toni Weisskopf having more 1st place ballots than anyone and clearly meriting the award on more than one occasion. But hey, anyone who doesn’t support the Group Think abrogates all minority status for their evil independent thoughts.), now the Glittering Ones wish to cast down H.P. Lovecraft as the image of the World Fantasy Award and replace him with Octavia Butler. In true Progressive Fashion, they’ve gone to Change.Org, so we can have the White House talk about things other than what truly matters. Because they’ve done so well at handling the economy, foreign policy, and Ferguson.

OK. I get it, H.P. Lovecraft is a very problematic person to uphold as a patron. His racial statements were difficult even in the time, and only become…

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