An Interesting List of Bioware Companions

To me Tali, Morrigan, and Leliana should be higher. Tali because she’s just barking funny. Especially in ME2 with her Drone battlecries. Not to mention the drone just rocks in that game. That said, I’ll grant she’s a YMMV character. And maybe I’m weird, but I empathized with Leliana’s story. And I don’t think she ever ‘forgot’ her devotion. She just increasingly comes to see the Warden as the means for that.

And the complaint on Morrigan is…weird. What, she shouldn’t be powerful? She was trained by Flemeth. She can’t learn about the world? That’s what she went with the Warden to do, (and well, have Archdemon-Baby). It’s at least 10 years post DA:Origins by the time Inquisition comes around. And with the division in the Chantry, it’s will to deal with ‘apostates’ ain’t what it was.

Other than those, I’m OK with the list. I’d drop Shale down, because I find the ‘it’ dialogue from the golem annoying. And yes, Anders in DA:2 is one of the worst decisions ever. Not only is he a nutjob that forces Hawke to harbor a mass-murdering terrorist. But his story in the second game destroys his entire backstory and timeline in DA:Awakenings. It’s quite possibly the sloppiest bit of writing Bioware has done.

The list also (accidentally?) excluded Bethany/Carver from DA:2. But in keeping with those companions, they’re weaker than the other games.

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