You Know, I Can Think of Better Uses for $1,000,000

But apparently Gawker had to double down on stupid so hard in #Gamersgate that they spent that much trashing game-players.

And yet, their President and a chief editor STILL went down in flames over it. Yeah, so perhaps the Mainstream Media might want to reconsider who is ‘winning’ on this issue. Because you don’t see any of the defenders knifing their own to survive. But hey, Gawker-owned Kotaku would rather defend the sexual freedom of a person trading horizontal favors for positive reviews. When you set your standard for journalistic integrity THAT low, it’s probably no surprise heads are rolling.

2 thoughts on “You Know, I Can Think of Better Uses for $1,000,000

  1. Honestly, I can’t wait for this whole issue to dissolve. History will remember which side was louder, angrier, and based more on misinformation. So far it’s hard to judge, and I can only really notice the outfielders on either side. But if I had to take a stab, I’d say the feminist media side has more cons and angry fools. I’ll keep my eyes open, though. I’m not afraid of being wrong.

    • You know, if they had kept the argument to, “There are guy gamers who make women uncomfortable,” that would’ve been one of those hard-to-quantify but evident through anecdotes arguments they thrive on.

      When they went full on defending the right of someone sleeping for positive game reviews, boom. That’s a losing argument. And the fact that Sarkeesan has a history of enough scams for money to make Amway proud (including a multi-level pyramid in her past, I might add), the credibility of her current pay-for-speaking tour defense is dubious.

      Throw in that the gamer defense crowd polices its own far better than the Social Justice Warriors ever imagine thy would have to, and that’s why you have Gawker bleeding on the pavement.

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