How to write fast

Valid thoughts for NaNoWriMo too

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No, I haven’t been able to retcon Elfblood so I can go on — life continues being life.  For various reasons, I woke up at nine thirty today,  (only half hour ago.  I’m two hours behind most of you) so I’m going to do a post Laura M. requested.  She asked if there was some way to write faster.  There are some mental tricks.  I’m going to give them below, with the caveat that sometimes nothing will work, though I’ve never before been stopped for a year and a half.  In this case it’s a combination of illnesses/life events (Kris Rusch and Dean Smith call them Life Rolls) and a book that is in itself very difficult.

So, here, more or less in order are the mental tricks to write fast while writing well:


This is the absolutely most important one.  And it is difficult because…

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