Cease Fire Proposal

I cannot disagree with this article more strongly. History shows that when one refuses to engage an enemy, the enemy takes what you have given up. Every ground. Every front. We do not POSSESS the ground to surrender any longer. The Media belongs to the Left in total. The average consumer does not KNOW there is an alternative to the SJW position unless we present it. And the idea that the SJW’s are ‘winning’ on #Gamersgate is laughable.

We don’t need to ‘scream.’ But the idea that just one or two places to reply for all of us is stating that the rest of us don’t have a voice. We don’t have our own minds. That is the kind of pernicious groupthink I associate with the Left. Not with those who believe in Liberty and autonomy.

As for ‘driving traffic’ to them, I don’t buy that because again–they control the voices that will be heard by the Mainstream if we do not cry out. If we don’t talk about the stupidity of a woman being allowed to trade horizontal favors for positive reviews, then Sarkeesian’s slander becomes fact. If we don’t propose and act on alternate agendas, then the only agenda is the Lefts. Sure, be sneaky. But don’t JUST be sneaky. You have to have ground to win it. And we’ve lost far too many hills already to offer up more.

I do not like the idea of going from “We are all #Brietbart,” to “let them have the megaphone.”

Mad Genius Club

This is a guest post by Sanford Begley, longtime MGC commentator and Not-a-writer. As a bystander who has been dragged into the inner workings, he’s got a very different perspective. 

Hi folks! Amanda is a bit busy this week so I’m pinch hitting for her. No, nothing is wrong she just knew she would be too busy to give you the loving attention you deserve.

I’m going to do something short and a little less caustic than my normal mode. I am going to call for a ceasefire in the war between the SJWs and the right leaning writers. Actually I’m calling for a unilateral ceasefire. BTW for anyone who hasn’t caught up to the acronyms SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior. Well, at least they have been using that to describe themselves. Lately they are starting to see that it is becoming a term of derision and are trying…

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