Curmudgeon’s Corner

As I said: Shun them. It’s the one thing they cannot stand.

Cedar Writes

This is a guest post by my First Reader, referencing a social phenomenon that has been making him a wee bit grouchy recently. If you’d like to learn more about what an SJW is, and what it does, I’d suggest looking here

Noir photo There’s just something about a man in Noir…

Curmudgeon’s Corner

Authors write books; it’s what they do. Scientists land spaceships on comets; it’s what they do. Social Justice Warriors screw up wet dreams; it’s what they do. Unfortunately the first two are not as good at what they do as the last one. Authors have been around for millennia and have written countless books, no one pays them any attention. Scientists have managed to land one measly rocket on a comet. Social Justice Warriors on the other hand are there to do their best to ruin any book premier that doesn’t fit their agenda, judging from the…

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