This is nothing but the triumph of small-minded people

People too small to wonder. Too spineless to praise the accomplishments of others. Their horizons too low to care about the advancement of humankind. They make a man weep on the day of his greatest accomplishment…over a shirt. Not even one saying something profane. But one depicting superhero females in costume.

One made by a FEMALE friend, mind you. But this is ‘feminism.’ Equality? Nah. They’re perfectly free to wear shirts demeaning whites, men, or Christians without consequence. Perpetual victims who must be soothed, assuaged, and affirmed at every turn by every person, or you have exerted your privilege over them.

This is why #Gamersgate is more than a bad joke. This is why SFWA has been overrun by people with no sense of wonder. No concern for Speculative Fiction. This is-in short-why a certain segment of the population is incapable of writing quality fiction. Because their agendas must dominate Every.Single.Element. of their lives. They have no humor. They have no sense of wonder. Claiming to be ‘progressive,’ they deride every act of ‘progress’ that does not fit their political agenda.

If they had shame, THEY would weep and apologize. But they do not. So let anyone who thinks this was even a valid question be shunned. It’s what they deserve.

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