OK. Who Thought of THIS Theory?

Really. It wasn’t someone who followed the comics, or any other zombie series. It must be someone whose idea of quality Sci-fi on TV was the last seasons of Lost. After it had lost all narrative cohesion and ran amok in its own mythology.

So apparently *fans* have suggested all of The Walking Dead takes place in Rick’s coma-suffering head. Fortunately, this was shot down by Kirkman here: https://tv.yahoo.com/news/walking-dead-creator-lays-rest-coma-fan-theory-000100877.html. To be fair to Lost, even IT did not go to that lame depth. That’s something only Dallas could do and keep its fans.

So now those who decided TWD was going into night-time soap opera territory can lay this to rest. It really *is* a Zombie Apocalypse.

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