Yes I’m Doing NaNoWriMo This Year

As I have every year for the past few. My project is a Space Opera, a sequel to my 2012 project in fact. It’s called The Procoyon Revelation.

It’s a galaxy at war, with shifting alliances, big battles, lots of intrigue, and plenty of snark, guns, and action. A touch of romance too, of course. 😉 This is one of those things I am without question writing for me. I may have settled in fantasy, but classic Sci-Fi is how I discovered Speculative Fiction. And Space Operas are still some of my favorite viewing. For my money, seasons 2-4 of Babylon 5 are still the best television that’s ever been aired. Firefly not far behind. This is a cross of the more epic scale of B5 with the sensibilities of the latter.

I’ll let the reader guess what that means. 😉

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