“Real” books, contracts and “evil” Amazon

The stupid is strong with the USA Today as well. Here’s the deal folks: First and last. ANYONE who tries to tell you that the Publishing House is the creator of a book, and not the author, is a liar, a lunatic, an idiot, or a combination of those three.

Publishers will not defeat Amazon. Because it’s only because of the stupidity of the Publishing Houses they are competing with Amazon. Amazon is nothing but one more distributor. And if they were competent at doing the things they CLAIM to do for their authors, it would be one they could use or ignore without consequence. It isn’t because Amazon is competent and they are not.

Mad Genius Club

I’m neck deep in final edits for Duty from Ashes, the second book in the Honor & Duty series written under the pen name Sam Schall. Because of that, my brain has been steeped in space marines, bad guys and things that go boom and not necessarily at night. As a result, I forgot that it is Tuesday and my day to blog. Fortunately — I think — the demon kitten oh-so-helpfully got me up. After extricating my hand from his claws and staggering into the kitchen in search of coffee, I started scanning my usual sources for topics for today’s post. Oh my, did I find some.

Let’s start with this article from USA Today. I knew from reading the headline that it was probably something that would have my blood pressure rising. After all, how else would I react to “Real books can defeat Amazon and e-books”?


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