The One Thing I Believed Could Kill the Marvel Universe

Was trying to revisit the “Civil War” storyline. It seems they’re going to do it:

For those not in the know, the Marvel Civil War was fought over the registration of all “mutants.” Tony Stark comes up with the plan, and Steve Rogers (Captain America) opposes it. The comics end with Rogers dead and Stark looking like a grade A Jackwagon as the registration plan blows up when, of course, the wrong people get the list and use it to target heroes. (Because really, who would imagine the Government would do that?)

There was no reason to do this in the comics, other than the age-old adage that the one thing that sells to kids is a HUGE fight. “Who’s better, Superman or Spiderman?” Well, they can’t answer that, because DC vs Marvel. But they can try to answer who the top dog in the Avengers is. So fights sell to the younger generation.

Of course, to those who start caring about the storyline, it made no sense then, and no sense now. The idea that Mr “Privatize World Peace” Tony Stark, aka Biggest Comic Book Libertarian not named Bruce Wayne, would support government registration of heroes is nonsense. We already know in the movie universe he doesn’t trust the Government, because Iron Man 2 was all about NOT selling his suits to have them used in combat. So the idea that he’s less libertarian in the movies is dubious. One could argue that Mr “America Right or Wrong” Cap would be the one to support said legislation. Except, of course, that in the movie universe, that means HYDRA is the one getting the list.

Oh, that’ll end well. And we really believe Stark would go along with this? Because he’s not aware of HYDRA at the controls? Oh wait, we’ve seen that Stark Industries has former SHIELD working for it. So we know he is. Yeah, the Civil War, as it was done in the comics–which was bad then–is worse in the movie universe.

The only thing I can guess is they’re using the “Civil War” tagline for marketing to Marvel Fans, and in truth, it’s Hydra trying to out all the heroes. This would work. Maybe some of the less aware “heroes” would go in on it even. But I don’t buy the Rogers/Stark faceoff. And if that’s where they go, I probably stay home.

5 thoughts on “The One Thing I Believed Could Kill the Marvel Universe

  1. First thing, wasn’t Civil War about registration of all heroes, not just mutants? They’d been doing the mutant registration thing for years before Civil War.

    That said, I don’t know, there’s a part of me eager for them to do it, just so it’ll be easier to illustrate what would happen if gun registration would happen. That’s one of the parallels I drew when the comics came out, but it only works with people who are familiar with the comic story arc.

    IIRC, the hero registration thing happened because of an incident that got a lot of innocent people killed. Since I agree about the whole idea of Iron Man coming up with the plan, it would make a whole lot more sense in my mind if some senator pushed through the plan, and Tony just didn’t give a flip since he’s already “out”.

    • In practice, it meant all heroes. But IIRC, it was worded as Mutant. And this was part of the cover for why Stark would agree, since he was mundane (at the time), just a tech genius w/ insane toys.

      I could buy the idea of Tony not giving a flip, except he still has to know that the Avengers are going to be targeted by Hydra if they’re outed. Sure, they can’t get to HIM publicly, perse. Because Stark Tower, Power Armor, and his own personal security. But Banner and a lot of others would be perpetual targets.

      Yeah, I know. Like the Hulk has to worry about that. But still. đŸ˜›

      • I think the one thing that might make this work is if it has nothing to do with Registration, and is instead tied to fallout from Age of Ultron. Since they’re going to have that be because Tony was a bonehead and created a supervillain.

      • That could work.

        I could see the government blackmailing him into “backing” something like registration because of that as well. A whole “You play along, or else you’re going to prison, and we’ll pin something on Pepper too.” Tony would tell them to perform anatomically impossible sex acts upon themselves if it was just him, but throw Pepper in the mix? Things change.

        I honestly think Civil War can work, but the key is to remember that the cinematic universe is different than the comic universe and to not try and force similarities where they shouldn’t exist.

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